No hair and no event are the same. Jionova hair jewelry can be worn every day or just for that special occasion. In order to meet the highest functional standards, we have developed three different types of hair jewelry that will hold your hair and fit your hairstyle perfectly. The colorful gemstones, elegant pearls and timeless diamonds allow you make your hair jewelry an expression of your unique personality.

[title text=”PinArt” tag=”h4″ text_align=”center”]
PinArt San Francisco Saphir Gelbgold zentral
[title text=”PinLine” tag=”h4″ text_align=”center”]
PinLine Mix Gelbgold zentral
[title text=”PinSolo” tag=”h4″ text_align=”center”]
PinSolo Tahiti Zuchtperle Large Classic Gelbgold zenral
[title text=”PinCrown” tag=”h4″ text_align=”center”]
PinCrown Amethyst Tsavorite Weißgold zentral
[title text=”TreJio” tag=”h4″ text_align=”center”]
TreJio San Francisco Amethyst Weißgold zentral

All of our hair jewelry is being made upon order – your gem will be forged just for you. Please understand that due to this delivery will take about two to three weeks.

Should you have fallen in love with the gemstone of a certain PinSolo, but the color of the gold does not fit your hair color, should you prefer the “Classic”-version instead of the “Wave-Pin” or should you prefer a bezel setting, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us (you will find all contact details on this website under “Contact”). We will be happy to create your individual hair jewel.

Enjoy looking at and wearing our Jionova hair jewels.

Yours sincerely, Jennifer Althaus