Really a precious jewel: With their fascinating arrangements of colors, the PinArts create an extravagant jewelry fantasy in your hair. The beautiful designed setting with selected gemstones is  carried by a handmade pin from 18 carat gold that promises a wonderfully comfortable fit – and holds that promise.

Jionova PinArts sparkle in open hair and are absolute highlights in pinned-up hair strains.

“If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”

Inspired by the romantic Boho-chic, the “San Francisco”-line captivates with its extraordinary color arrangements and playful details. The seamless flowers set with gemstones in all colors gleam in your hair and provide the trendy, dreamy-romantic look.

Whether as PinArt or as TreJio – “San Francisco” does not only look fantastic in sophisticated updos, its colorful blossom fantasies especially shine in braided or plaited hairstyles.