With a lot of attention to detail, TreJio brings back the traditional hair comb and offers a lot of space for handmade designs made from fascinating gemstones. Thistop-class statement-piece made from solid 18k gold is convincingly simple to use and will hold your hair comfortably and safely.

TreJios are certain to have all eyes on them when worn casually in lustrous hair or serving as the absolute highlight in a pinned-up hair-do.

“If you’re going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”

Inspired by the romantic Boho-chic, the “San Francisco”-line captivates with its extraordinary color arrangements and playful details. The seamless flowers set with gemstones in all colors gleam in your hair and provide the trendy, dreamy-romantic look.

Whether as PinArt or as TreJio – “San Francisco” does not only look fantastic in sophisticated updos, its colorful blossom fantasies especially shine in braided or plaited hairstyles.