Jionova about diamonds

Since the beginning of her apprenticeship, Jennifer Althaus has been fascinated by diamonds.

Any diamond that is processed into a Jionova hair piece is subject to strict control and supervision by Jennifer Althaus. Not until its weight is right, color, purity and the finish form a brilliant symbiosis, the diamond may be processed into a Jionova piece of jewelry. Each diamond weighing more than 0.50 carats has an international certificate of authenticity. This guarantees its fine quality and gives information about the weight, color, purity and cut of the diamond. The interaction of these four components forms the basis for the value of a diamond.


Carat determines the weight of a gemstone. One carat equals 0.20 grams. This weight unit dates back to antiquity and goes back to the Greek name of „keration“ for the seed of the locust tree.

A one-carat stone is worth far more than twice as much as a half-carat stone – but only with the same quality. Two diamonds of the same weight but different quality can vary in value significantly. So a smaller diamond may be more  valuable than a larger one.

For Jionova Hair Jewels, weight is not the only crucial factor in whether a diamond is processed in a piece of jewelry. Rather, it is always a combination of all components that determines its brilliance.


Diamonds are graded / valued for colorlessness rather than color.

The more colorless a diamond is, the rarer and the more valuable it is. Diamonds are ranked in a color scale from D to Z: D stands for the highest-precision colorless, Z for yellow.


Colored diamonds, the so-called „fancies“, are rarer and therefore very precious. This includes all bold colors, such as gray, orange, pink, blue and bright yellow diamonds.

The color of a stone is the only category that cannot be detected by machine. Only the human eye can perceive color differences between stones. This requires several years of professional training and experience.

Jionova Hair Jewels offers  at least color “G” as standard quality.


The clarity of a diamond is determined by the number and position of inclusions. They may  affect the brilliance of a diamond. Jionova rejects all diamonds whose inclusions are already visible to the naked eye. If you cannot see any inclusions in a diamond even under 10x magnification, it is considered flawless.

In general, inclusions are a proof of the authenticity of a diamond, so to speak, its fingerprint. There are never two stones with the same inclusion picture.

Jionova Hair Jewels uses only diamonds with a clarity of at least “SI”.



The cut of a diamond is the only feature that can be influenced by human hand. The brilliance of the gemstone is based on the innumerable internal light reflections caused by the careful polishing of the individual facets.

Cuts of a diamond

Every diamond grinder has to decide anew on each rough stone which cut should be given to this stone. Only a round diamond with 57 facets  can be called  brilliant. Up to 60 percent of the raw stone is lost during grinding.

Jionova only uses diamonds with a cut from good to very good to provide the highest level of brilliance.